Welcome to Rail Expert 2019 Training Program.
Learn and increase your product knowledge with each training session.
Here you will be able to participate in all the training modules in one go or as per your convenience, starting from 16th August 2019 till 30th September 2019.
Based on the quiz scores and Module completion, you can win incredible prizes and also a 7 day trip to Europe.

Rise To The Challenge & become a proven Rail Expert !

2018 Monthly Prize Winners

Monthly Prize Winners of Samsung J6 Mobile phone.
Prizes sponsored by Trenitalia

First Name Last Name Company
Nishita Jilka Cox & Kings
Anita Devi Global Bee
Sapna Daffu Yorker Holidays
Sulinder Kumar Itinerary Planner
Pankaj Trivedi Make My Trip
Deepa Vernekar Manas Holidays

2018 Fam Trip Winners

First Name Last Name Company
Arvind Selvakumaran SOTC Travel Limited
Sijo Valluppara Ottila International
Grishma Bakhai Rail Europe India Pvt Ltd
Nidhi Khandelwal Amigo Travels
Jinal Modi Swisstours
Mehraan Khatib Jetair Tours
Arvind Rathore Thomas Cook
Bhawna Dhawan TUI India Pvt. Ltd.
Shubhra Bhargava Eurocursions C/o Eclectic Marketing India Pvt. Ltd.
Himanshu Batra Travel Air Representation - FCM

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